Student Producers in the News

Since its inception, the Student Producers has had many names… “Teens Take Charge,” the Student Advisory Committee, and more. But their mission has remained unchanged since the beginning: to convince their peers that classical chamber music is not just for “old” people, and that there is a place at the chamber music table for younger listeners and young entrepreneurs. The Student Producers pursue their goal with dedication and imagination—producing concerts that are entertaining, eclectic, and accessible, yet entirely credible, musically.

These high school-aged impresarios are learning about the business of concert production at the same time, interacting with and learning from the CMS staff. Their work has become an integral part of CMS’ repertoire of activity.

The national press has noticed the groundbreaking work of the Student Producers. The Wall Street Journal first highlighted the work of the group in 2003, noting how the group was first formed, and giving a review of an early—and highly successful—concert.

A New York Times article followed, capsulizing the work of the committee towards their peers with its headline—“Get them in the seats and their hearts will follow.” The Times article was picked up by the American Symphony Orchestra League’s Symphony magazine, allowing for widespread recognition within the classical music industry.

Download the articles here:
New York Times
Strings Magazine
Symphony Magazine
Wall Street Journal

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