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CMS Triumphs in Second Season at SPAC

The Chamber Music Society in performance at SPAC’s Little Theater, Saratoga Springs.

The Chamber Music Society made a triumphant return to SPAC (Saratoga Performing Arts Center) for its second annual summer festival residency. The three week season, featuring an array of superb CMS musicians and enticingly diverse programming, was met with overwhelming enthusiasm from both critics and audiences. CMS will return next summer as part of SPAC’s spectacular 50th anniversary celebration.

From The Daily Gazette:

“Exceptional musicians make chamber opener magic.”

“You can’t do better than the best, and the Chamber Music Society… had it.  It was a concert of incomparable music making.” 

“Part of the appeal for the large crowd was the interesting and varied program… Mostly though it was the exceptional and sensitive playing from the musicians, which went beyond virtuosity into the realms of magic and intuitive ensemble work.”

“The crowd roared its approval and jumped to its feet.” 

From TheTimes Union:

“The only problem with hearing The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center is that it spoils listening to any other chamber group – they are that perfect.”

“This chamber music series is very special.” 

“The crowd responded with loud cheers, whistles, and shouts – the most exuberant applause in memory of this kind of music and from an older experienced audience.”

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