Nurit Monacelli


Nurit Monacelli Photo credit: Ryan Jensen

Nurit Monacelli comes from a family of musicians, and grew up playing the violin! Through music, she got her first role in a play and then realized she loved to act. She has gotten to travel internationally to places like Moscow and Dublin to perform in plays. She has worked Off and Off-Off Broadway and has also worked at various theaters around the country. She has appeared in movies such as Noah and Norman, and in award winning films that have circulated in over 20 festivals. She has been on TV in shows such as Person of Interest, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, and Blacklist (where she had to fit in a suitcase!). Her strangest role has been playing a singing starfish in a TV show about fitness. Nurit grew up in NYC, teaches acting, loves to eat ice cream and is happy that her daughter is learning how to play an instrument too (the piano).