2016-2017 Opening Night Reception

October 18, 2016

On Tuesday, October 18, 2016 the Chamber Music Society opened its 47th Anniversary Season with Travels With Mendelssohn, which offered a sampling of the rich cultural journey that enthralled the 20-year-old Felix Mendelssohn. The evening included a pre-concert cocktail reception and dinner for members of the Board, Global Council, and Artistic Directors Circle. Following intermission, Co-Artistic Directors David Finckel and Wu Han presented the fourth CMS Award for Extraordinary Service to Chamber Music to South Mountain Concerts in Pittsfield, Massachusetts. A reception with the Artists followed the performance: Lisette Oropesa, soprano; Michael Brown, Gilbert Kalish, piano; Erin Keefe, Danbi Um, violin; Richard O’Neill, viola; David Finckel, Mihai Marica, cello; Tara Helen O’Connor, flute; David Shifrin, clarinet.

Gilbert Kalish, Lisette Oropesa, David Shifrin
Erin Keefe, Danbi Um Michael Brown, Tara Helen O’Connor, Mihai Marica, Richard O’Neill
Lou Steigler, Ann Galt, Wu Han, David Finckel
Erin Keefe, Michael Brown, Mihai Marica
Global Council members Suzanne Vaucher and Shannon Wu, Anne Pierson
Board member Paul Gridley, Linda Gridley, Richard Strother
Jeff Wood, Inger Ginsberg, Gro Wood, Board member William Ginsberg
Leah Frelinghuysen, Vice Chairman Elinor Hoover
Board Emeritus Andrea Walton, John Massie
Global Council member Howard Dillon, Nell Dillon-Ermers, Ann Bowers
Wu Han, John Rappaport, Board member Phyllis Grann
John Leone, Board member Annette Rickel
Board Treasurer Robert Hoglund, Board member Nasrin Abdolali
Elaine Weiler, Christine McInerney, Board member Alan Weiler, Wu Han
Michelle Coppedge, James MacGuire
Board member David Simon, Katherina and Andrew Simon
Priscilla Natkins, Global Council member Seth Novatt
Executive Director Suzanne Davidson, Betsy Cohn
Chairman James O’Shaughnessy
Board member Priscilla Kauff, Jeffrey Cohen
Young Patrons Lucy Lu and Mark Franks, and guest
Edwin Williamson, Board member Kathe Williamson, Tara Helen O’Connor
Salvatore Vacca, Linda Keen, Nell Dillon-Ermers, Diane Vacca, Michael Brown, Gilbert Kalish
A toast
A guest, Global Council member Vicki Kellogg, Danbi Um
Lisette Oropesa, John Coffin, Board Emeritus Anne Coffin