Happy Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day

It's the month of love! Enjoy a collection of romantic classical works, and see what advice CMS Co-Artistic Directors David Finckel and Wu Han have about love.

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Wu Han's Advice for a perfectly in-tune relationship

  • Don’t push for changes. “Don’t ever try to change the other person. It’s a hopeless battle. Don’t even think about it.”

  • Focus on strengths. “Always be thinking of the strong points of the other person and appreciate them.”

  • Nurture the laughter. “If you can make the other person laugh, that’s a good thing. … That’s a good indication you’re in a healthy relationship. If you’re miserable, it’s just not worth it.”

  • Create and maintain a positive atmosphere. “I hate to hear people complain. David’s the same way; he’s very positive. We have a very positive environment.”

  • Count the rests; appreciate the spaces between the notes. “We are pretty independent people, and you need that as a musician. When you’re in a good relationship, that’s a good thing.”

  • Honesty is the best policy, for music and love. “To play music together, you must be completely open and completely honest.”

  • The couple that plays together stays together. “You have to learn to support each other on stage. It’s always fantastic to have that feeling on stage that someone is with you.”

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