Streaming Help

Follow the guidelines below for the best viewing experience!


Sales for single event Viewing Passes end at the time that the live stream premiere ends. Viewing Passes purchased both prior to the start of the stream premiere and during the duration of the stream premiere are accessible for one week following the premiere and may be accessed multiple times.

Sales for Art of Interpretation and Premiere: International Quartet Package Viewing Passes end at the conclusion of the first live stream premiere included in the package. For example, sales for the Art of Interpretation package will end at the conclusion of the October 12 concert live stream premiere.

Package Viewing Passes provide access to each included live stream event for one week following the initial live stream premiere. Each event may be accessed multiple times within the week following the initial live stream premiere.

  • Select the blue Purchase Viewing Pass button on the video you wish to access

  • If this is your first time purchasing, select Sign Up and enter your information. Please note this is not your CMS account login. You will need to create a new account through InPlayer.

  • In order to submit your registration and accept InPlayer’s terms, you must scroll down on the pop up registration form, beneath the personal information field labeled “Location,” until you see a button labeled "Register." Check the check box labeled “I agree to the Terms” and click the button labeled Register.

  • If you already have an account, enter your email and password

  • Pick your price option: The single view 1-week access prices ($13 or $20) will give you access to one event only; buying a package ($30 or $50) will allow you to watch all three events in the package.
  • Fill out your credit card information

  • If you have a voucher code, enter it in the Voucher Code field
  • Click Access and begin watching! The event will begin on the video page at 7:30 PM EST. If the video does not start playing at the event time, try refreshing your page. If you are already logged in to your InPlayer account, the event will automatically begin. Otherwise please login to your account with your InPlayer email and password to access the event. Please note dates are listed month/day/year and times are listed in UTC.
  • Viewing passes can be purchased until the end of the live event. You can come back anytime during the on demand period to watch by logging in to your InPlayer account.
  • See further tips and tricks for having the best viewing experience here.

Problems with your purchase or need help with your account? Please visit InPlayer's support page here. You can also email for assistance.


  • Any desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone with high speed internet connection, plugged into a power source
  • Web browser (Safari or Chrome preferred)


  • Hover your cursor over (or tap on) the video viewer and click on at the bottom corner to pair or mirror your desktop, laptop, or smartphone to an air play-enabled large screen TV with high quality speakers. Consult your TV manual for further instructions. You may also Chromecast any stream.
  • If viewing from your computer, tablet, or phone, click (or tap) on at the bottom right hand corner of the video viewer to enable full screen mode. Always make sure your volume is turned on both on your computer and on the video.


  • On a separate desktop, laptop, or phone (recommended), navigate to the same program link and scroll down further to view Digital Program Notes, artist bios, and to ask a question which may be answered after the concert!
  • Additional Materials and Q and A may also be viewed on one device by disabling full screen mode and scrolling down further to view these materials.


  • To attend live webinar events (i.e. Musical Heritage), click on the registration link provided on the event page and fill out the online form. Click the “Register” button and you will receive a confirmation e-mail with a link to join the event.
  • Before the webinar begins, make sure you have downloaded and installed Zoom on your desktop, laptop, or mobile device by following the directions here.
  • If you are unable to install Zoom, you may join the webinar via phone using the phone number and meeting code provided in your confirmation e-mail.
  • When it is time for the webinar to begin, click on the link provided in your confirmation e-mail and your Zoom application will automatically launch. Your computer audio and video settings will be turned off when joining the event.
  • If you are joining by phone, dial the number provided in your confirmation e-mail. Once prompted, dial the meeting code to join the event.
  • To ask a question for the panel, click or tap on found at the bottom or top of your screen (depending on your device).
  • Once the event is over, the webinar host will end your Zoom session. If you need to leave early, click or tap the red button marked “Leave” at the top or bottom of your screen and click and tap again to confirm you want to leave the webinar.


  • If you experience any technical problems during the performance, click the “REFRESH” icon in your browser to reset the web stream
  • Click here for more troubleshooting tools.


These suggested guidelines may vary by device, browser, and operating system.