CMS Front Row: InspectorPulse@Home

Join the world’s greatest and only Private Ear, Inspector Pulse, as he talks to you about music from his own home every week! Don’t forget to leave a question for Inspector Pulse in the comments section and he may answer your question on a future episode!

Episodes stream every Friday at 11am EST beginning May 22, 2020 via the CMS Facebook page.  Watch the videos again with accompanying activities on-demand from the CMS website following each broadcast.

Gelato and Tic-Tac-Toe

How are ice cream and pine nuts like music? Inspector Pulse has discovered the connection and wants to let you in on the secret! It has something to do with how the word gelato (ice cream in Italian) is like legato...stay tuned!

Can You Hear Me Now?

You can turn up or down the volume on a phone or computer, but how does that work in music? Inspector Pulse investigates the mysteries of dynamics!

Time On Your Hands

Many of us have plenty of time on our hands right now. So if you want to know how to beat time, check out Inspector Pulse's show about rhythm!

Discord and Datcord

Did you ever get food stuck in your teeth and then use dental floss to remove it? That is a lot like dissonance and consonance!

Time for a Tune Up

When Inspector Pulse gets a tune up, he makes UP a tune and writes it DOWN. Join the Inspector for a tune up in his home!

Moonlight and Music

Inspector Pulse discovers that moonlight is like music! Or maybe music is like moonlight. Hmmm. Better tune in!

In a Good Mode

Inspector Pulse has many different moods and he discovers that there are more MODES than major and minor that fit his moods! It is a major discovery!

No Nouns Aloud

Inspector Pulse discovers that he can make up music for verbs (running, falling, climbing) and for adjectives (sad, happy, angry), but not for nouns (hat, refrigerator, pencil). Be there when he tries out his theory!

Home Key

Inspector Pulse discovers that not only can you open a door with a key, but a key can be your home!

Between the Walls

Inspector Pulse lives in the spaces between walls in his apartment and the word interval means the space between walls! But what are musical intervals?!

Different Hats!

According to Inspector Pulse, if you change hats, you are like a musical theme with hat variations!

A Trilling Story!

We can spice up food, decorate our home, and put ornaments on a tree. What about ornaments and decorations in music?

Story Telling Without Words!

Inspector Pulse investigates how musicians can tell stories without saying a single word!

Is It Over?

! ? ; . Punctuation marks indicate the end of a sentence, but what about the end of a musical sentence?!?!!

Stress Can Be Fun!

Inspector Pulse discovers that you can use a musical accent mark to put stress on a note and create dance rhythms!

It’s About Time!

When Inspector Pulse was late for dinner, he realized he could just go faster and that led him to discover TEMPO! You can speed up or slow down anything by changing the tempo!

Shhh! What?

Inspector Pulse discovers why they call a piano a piano and examines dynamics in music!

Feeling Pent Up?

Inspector Pulse discovers a scale with only five notes!

Round Trip Ticket!

Inspector Pulse figures out how a musical form is like a trip.

A Delicious Scale!

Inspector Pulse creates his own tasty system to remember the notes of a scale.

Inspector Pulse Takes the Fifth!

The wacky Inspector examines how amazing the interval of a fifth is in music!

Inspector Pulse Takes a Rest!

Inspector Pulse investigates silence in music!

Nothing Accidental!

Inspector Pulse accidentally discovers chromaticism! Then he finds out it already existed!

Just a Second!

Inspector Pulse examines the whole tone scale and writes music using only that scale! AND he finds out that familiar tunes change completely when played using only whole tones!

Inspiration Exploration!

Inspector Pulse investigates the concept of inspiration: he tries to get inspired by various objects (spoon, cup, flower, feather, etc.) and discovers that it has something to do with connecting one thing to another!

Rubato Roboto

Inspector Pulse discovers that being a human with feelings is better for music than being a robot that only processes information.

Listening to Colors!

Inspector Pulse investigates the different colors on his digital piano! But how can a sound have a color if you can’t see it?

Tunes in Disguise!

Inspector Pulse investigates the different colors on his digital piano! But how can a sound have a color if you can’t see it?

Meter Matters

Inspector Pulse finds out that meter really matters when he plays pieces using the wrong time signatures.

Parallel Universe

Well, okay, not universe. Parallel harmony! Inspector Pulse finds out that parallel harmony is really fun to do.