A Trilling Story!

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We can spice up food, decorate our home, and put ornaments on a tree. What about ornaments and decorations in music?

• Can you find objects around your home which have ornaments (spoons, forks, cups)?
• Which is your favorite ornament performed by Inspector Pulse?
• As you listen to Inspector Pulse perform his ornamented version of "London Bridge is Falling Down," draw what you hear!

• ¿Puedes encontrar objetos en tu casa que tengan ornamentos (cucharas, tenedores, o vasos)?
• ¿Cuál de los ornamentos que toca el Inspector Pulse es tu favorito?
• Pon mucha antención mientras el Inspector Pulse toca su versión ornamentada de "Lodon Bridge is Falling Down". ¡Dibuja lo que escuchas!