Rubato Roboto

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Inspector Pulse discovers that being a human with feelings is better for music than being a robot that only processes information.

  • Think of a phrase or sentence and try reciting it to the beat of a metronome or clock like a robot!
  • Now recite your phrase or sentence using "rubato" (ROO-BAH-TOE) without a metronome or clock. Speed up and slow down at different times in the sentence or phrase.
  • Now try reciting your phrase or sentence more expressively, using "rubato" and also by getting louder and softer as you speak.

  • Escoge una frase u oración e intenta recitarla al ritmo de un metrónomo o reloj, ¡como un robot!
  • Ahora, recita la frase u oración de manera "rubato", sin metrónomo y sin reloj. Acelera y desacelera en diferentes partes de la oración.
  • Ahora intenta recitar tu frase u oración con más expresividad, usando "rubato" y agregando matices.