Time for a Tune Up

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When Inspector Pulse gets a tune up, he makes UP a tune and writes it DOWN. Join the Inspector for a tune up in his home!

  • Do you remember how to conduct a 4 beat pattern? With your right hand, try conducting to "London Bridge Is Falling Down" as Inspector Pulse sings.
  • Do your feel like raising your hands up as Inspector Pulse sings "high?" Try it!
  • Now try making-up and singing your own song using words "down," "up," "bounce," and "slide!"
  • ¿Recuerdas cómo dirigir con un patrón de 4 pulsos? Con tu mano derecha, intenta dirigir "London Bridge Is Falling Down" mientras el inspector Pulse canta.
  • ¿Quieres levantar las manos cuando el inspector Pulse canta "alto?" ¡Inténtalo!
  • Ahora intenta inventar y cantar tu propia canción con las palabras "abajo" "arriba", "rebote", "deslize".