CMS Kids

Who is Beethoven?
Sunday, January 27, 2019, 3:00 PM at Rose Studio



Program curated for ages 3-6

Explore the up-close and friendly world of chamber music in the intimate Rose Studio, curated for ages 3-6. Each CMS Kids program is a Relaxed Performance, an inclusive concert experience adapted for neurodiverse audiences, including children with autism or other special needs. These performances are presented in a judgment-free environment, and are less formal and more supportive of sensory, communication, movement, and learning needs.

Ludwig van Beethoven worked to overcome physical obstacles in his life – illness and deafness – and wrote his intense moods and feelings from this experience into his music, forever changing the musical landscape. Join host Rami Vamos and CMS artists for an interactive look into Beethoven’s life, and how it was written into his master pieces.