New Milestones: Space (Liminality in Line)

February 4, 7:30 PM

Jasper Drag is meant to be a marker on the collective memory of a nation still growing.”

-Alvin Singleton
By Michael David Murphy

Jasper, Texas
By Michael David Murphy

Dai Fujikura's Turtle Totem

Dai Fujikura conceived of Turtle Totem for Japan’s Nagara-zaza garden, where the unpredictable sounds of the outdoors would accompany the piece. “Making music which is a part of the sound of nature is a Japanese tradition that’s been going on for thousands of years,” says Fujikura. “If you compare that to a concert hall experience, they are two very, very different things. But also as I get older I would like to write music which can sound good and can accept sound from the outside because in life you can’t control everything, can you?” This performance at the nagara-zaza garden is performed by clarinetist Makoto Yoshida.

“When you’re composing you are elsewhere.”

- Dai Fujikura
By Lisa Cooper

Alvin Singleton in his workspace.
By Lisa Cooper

Music of Loss and Remembrance

Two works on this concert program, Singleton’s Jasper Drag and Messiaen’s Louange, represent meditations on human tragedy. Chamber music has been a vehicle for so many composers to mark history’s most painful events. This playlist includes just a few of the many works that perform the crucial function of providing a musical touchstone for remembrance and for reflection.

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