New Milestones: Transitions (Endurance and Evolution)

December 3, 7:30 PM

This is a program about transition, about change – about how some things will endure through a period of change, while others evolve.

Trevor Weston at work

Trevor Weston at work

Zosha Di Castri at work in her office

Photo by David Adamcyk

Music and the Machines Playlist

Our relationships with machines are a source of fascination for composers and listeners alike, as can be heard in aspects of both Weston’s and Grime’s works on this concert program. Much music today is produced through the mediation of machines – a complex combination of synthesized tones and live instruments and voices. But what does it mean to write mechanical music? There was a period in the early 20th century where modern composers were obsessed with capturing the very spirit of the mechanical using human hands on acoustical instruments. Often this involved massive ensembles of untold numbers of pianos and percussion instruments, but sometimes it was up to one or two musicians to imitate the drive of the machines. Even with the advent of machine-generated music, composers today continue to reframe and reflect on the mechanical when writing for acoustic instruments. This playlist explores a wide range of attempts to create music of the machines.