Expanded Pitches: Schoenberg’s String Trio

Nothing has fascinated, provoked, and unbridled music like explorations in tonalities and pitches. Composers’ experiments range from shaking up the hierarchy of tones with serialism to challenging the boundaries of discrete pitches. While Schoenberg wasn’t the very first to break free of tonality, he was a pioneer who unlocked boundless potential in the use of tones. His late String Trio maintains a strong sense of tradition, formally speaking, while using innovative intervallic relationships that generate raw energy.

In Conversation with Alexandra du Bois

Alexandra du Bois discusses her new work, Heron. Rain. Blossom.

Schoenberg playing ping-pong

Schoenberg playing ping-pong

Spectral Views

In a 2009 interview, composer Ana-Maria Avram notes that the spectral music movement is not a homogenous style but rather contains “many different viewpoints.” The music on this playlist displays some of those perspectives: a mathematical exposition of the natural harmonic series; virtuosic traversals of the boundaries between notes; and explorations of the silvery line between pitched and un-pitched sounds. Weaving all of these works together are Avram’s own spectral-infused arrangements of Romanian folk songs.

du Bois: Heron. Rain. Blossom. for Flute, Clarinet, Viola, and Cello

Watch the world premiere performance of Alexandra du Bois's Heron. Rain. Blossom. for Flute, Clarinet, Viola, and Cello. Recorded live in the Daniel and Joanna S. Rose Studio on March 12, 2020.