Saratoga Springs, NY

From Classic to Modern
Sunday, June 11, 3:00 PM at Spa Little Theatre, Saratoga Performing Arts Center

The violin, clarinet, and piano are featured in settings of historical significance, showing their musical versatility in multiple works spanning both eras and cultures.


  • Brahms Sonata in E-flat major for Clarinet and Piano, Op. 120, No. 2 (1894)
  • Beethoven Sonata in C minor for Violin and Piano, Op. 30, No. 2 (1801-02)
  • Bloch Exotic Night for Violin and Piano (1924)
  • Khachaturian Trio for Clarinet, Violin, and Piano (1932)
  • Milhaud Suite for Violin, Clarinet, and Piano, Op. 157b (1936)