The Idyllic Islands & Majestic Shores of Croatia & Montenegro

June 19 – 27, 2014

Continuing the established tradition of a summer cruise with chamber music, the Patrons of the Chamber Music Society, along with musicians Wu Han, David Finckel, Kristin Lee and Arnaud Sussmann, arrived in Venice on June 20 to transfer to the elegant, 50-suite Corinthian, for a splendid voyage combining the pleasures of cruising the Dalmatian Coast with sublime chamber music and enriching lectures. There are about a thousand islands that line Croatia’s coast, and sailing through this magnificent archipelago and stopping to explore the islands and coastal towns proved to be one of the most delightful travel experiences in the world. Guests from Music@Menlo and Vanderbilt University joined CMS Patrons and enjoyed kayaking, biking, swimming and snorkeling as well. The week-long journey was created and coordinated by Travel Dynamics International, a partner with CMS since the first Mediterranean cruise in 2010.

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  • Click here to view additional photos from the cruise (Credit: Lilian Finckel).