CMS Front Row Video Streaming Guide

Follow the guidelines below for the best viewing experience!


  • Any desktop, laptop, tablet, or smart phone with high speed internet connection, plugged into a power source
  • Web browser (Safari or Chrome preferred)


  • Hover your cursor over (or tap on) the video viewer and click on at the bottom corner to pair or mirror your desktop, laptop, or smartphone to an air play-enabled large screen TV with high quality speakers. Consult your TV manual for further instructions. You may also Chromecast any stream.
  • If viewing from your computer, tablet, or phone, click (or tap) on at the bottom right hand corner of the video viewer to enable full screen mode.


  • On a separate desktop, laptop, or phone (recommended), navigate to the same program link and scroll down further to view Digital Program Notes, artist bios, and to ask a question which may be answered after the concert!
  • Additional Materials and Q and A may also be viewed on one device by disabling full screen mode and scrolling down further to view these materials.


  • If you experience any technical problems during the performance, click the “REFRESH” icon in your browser to reset the web stream
  • Click here for more troubleshooting tools.


These suggested guidelines may vary by device, browser, and operating system.