Chamber Music Beginnings

Music comes to life in innovative educational programs for students grades 3-5!

Music and culture come to life in this series of entertaining, interactive concerts. Students learn about the elements of music – melody, rhythm, form, artistry, and expression – first hand from our musicians and teaching artists. Students also discover the intimacy of chamber music and the values of cooperation, teamwork, and personal responsibility essential to a successful performance.

Only $5 per student for each concert includes:

  • Admission to live performances by our world-class musicians
  • In-class activities and instruction led by experienced teaching artists prior to each concert
  • Access to teaching materials, recordings of the works to be heard in concert, and guided listening activities

2016-2017 Concerts

Concert host Wolfgang Amadeus Schmutzinberry has a lot to learn when it comes to being a great composer. The artists on the stage–and the students in the concert hall—help Wolfgang discover how composers create their famous melodies, and how they combine melodies together to give form to their works. The series culminates with an intimate in-class performance to reinforce these concepts and make connections to Common Core Standards.

Making Melodies

Struggling composer Wolfgang Amadeus Schmutzinberry learns that all it takes to make a beautiful melody is a few steps, skips, and leaps—along the musical scale that is! The music of composers such as Beethoven and Brahms—as well as CMS artists—are the guides in this fun-filled musical journey.

  • November 15-16, 2016 Flushing Town Hall, Queens
  • November 17-18, 2016 Merkin Concert Hall, Manhattan

Finding Forms

Composer-in-training Wolfgang Amadeus Schmutzinberry has been commissioned to write some music for the local Pickle Parade. But, before he marches off, he needs to learn how to combine different melodies in clever patterns to create musical forms such as ternary, rondo, and theme and variations.

  • March 21-22, 2017 Flushing Town Hall, Queens
  • March 23-24, 2017 Merkin Concert Hall, Manhattan

Classics in Your Classroom - Performances at your school!

Our teaching artists bring intimate concerts right into your classroom. This will be an opportunity for your students to dig deeper into musical style, ask questions, and interact with our artists.

  • April-June 2017

For more information or to reserve seats call the Education Department at 212-875-5793 or email

Click here to download the CMB three-year curriculum.