In Conversation with John Corigliano

CMS is excited to celebrate award-winning composer John Corigliano’s 80th birthday on the upcoming New Music concert Thursday, November 8. Born and raised in Brooklyn, he is the son of musicians (pianist Rose Buzen and John Corigliano Sr., the concertmaster of the New York Philharmonic, among others). In the following videos, Mr. Corigliano discusses his prolific career as a composer, teacher, and his Soliloquy for Clarinet and String Quartet that will be performed at CMS.


John Corigliano talks about his work Soliloquy for Clarinet and String Quartet.
What does a composer need to compose?
John Corigliano talks influences and how he's evolved as a composer.
What is architectural composing?


John Corigliano selected some of his own works that he feels best represent him and his style. See which works he chose in this specially-curated Spotify playlist.

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