Donor Recognition


The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center is tremendously grateful to the following individuals, foundations, corporations, and government agencies for their generous gifts. Their contributions to the Annual Fund and Gala provide vital support for CMS’s wide ranging artistic, educational, and digital outreach programs, and have allowed us to stay strong in the face of challenges that have come our way. Thank you.

Updated on April 25, 2022


The Achelis and Bodman Foundation
Alphadyne Foundation
Ann S. Bowers
Carmel Cultural Endowment for the Arts
Sally D. and Stephen M. Clement, III
The Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation, Inc.
The FRK Foundation
Marion F. Goldin Charitable Fund
Jerome L. Greene Foundation
Rita E. and Gustave M. Hauser
Elinor and Andrew Hoover
New York City Department of Cultural Affairs
Mr. and Mrs. James P. O'Shaughnessy


The Chisholm Foundation
CC Capital
Joyce B. Cowin
The Lehoczky Escobar Family
Judy and Tony Evnin
Sidney E. Frank Foundation
Howard Gilman Foundation
William B. and Inger G. Ginsberg
Mrs. Phyllis Grann
Irving Harris Foundation
Christopher Hughes and Sean Eldridge
Jane and Peter Keegan
Lincoln Center Corporate Fund
National Endowment for the Arts
Sassona Norton and Ron Filler
Marnie Pillsbury, in honor of Donaldson C. Pillsbury
Richard T. Prins and Connie Steensma
Blanchette Hooker Rockefeller Fund
Elaine and Alan Weiler
Shirley Young


The John Armitage Charitable Trust
Tiger Baron Foundation
Thomas Brener and Inbal Segev-Brener
Dr. Beth B. and Mr. Jeffrey Cohen
Joseph M. Cohen
Linda S. Daines
Roberta and Gerard H. Davis Charitable Foundation
Judi Flom
Jennifer and Johnson Garrett
Mr. and Mrs. Paul B. Gridley
Gail and Walter Harris
Robert and Suzanne Hoglund
Harry P. Kamen
Vicki and Chris Kellogg
Marsha and Henry Laufer
New York State Council on the Arts
Elizabeth W. Smith
William R. Stensrud and Suzanne E. Vaucher
Shining Sung
Susan S. and Kenneth L. Wallach Foundation
Kathe and Edwin Williamson
Shannon Wu and Joseph Kahn
Anonymous (1)

Partner ($15,000-$24,999)

Nasrin Abdolali
American Express
William and Julie Ballard, in honor of ALL who have kept CMS music alive
Enid L. Beal and Alan Wolfe
Jonathan Brezin and Linda Keen
The Dana Foundation
Francis Goelet Charitable Lead Trusts
Emily L. Grant
Frederick L. Jacobson
Kenneth Johnson and Julia Tobey
Priscilla F. Kauff
Bruce and Suzie Kovner
The Gladys Krieble Delmas Foundation
Helen Brown Levine
Jane and Mary Martinez
Lorna Power
Rockefeller Brothers Fund
Judith and Herbert Schlosser
Charles S. Schreger
Somm Cellars Wine & Spirits
Pearl F. Staller
Earl D. Weiner
Neil Westreich
Mr. and Mrs. Jarvis Wilcox
Norimoto and Amy Yanagawa

Benefactor ($10,000-$14,999)

Ms. Hope Aldrich
Mark and Beth Andrews
Mr. James A. Attwood and Ms. Leslie K. Williams
Brett Bachman and Elisbeth Challener
Dr. Georgette Bennett and Mr. Leonard Polonsky, in honor of David Finckel and Wu Han
The Jack Benny Family Foundation
The John and Rosemary Brown Family Foundation
Dr. Nancy Maruyama and Mr. Charles Cahn Jr.
The Clinton Family Fund
Irwin B. Cohen
Betsy Cohn, in honor of Suzanne Davidson
Colburn Foundation
Con Edison
Nathalie and Marshall Cox
Howard Dillon and Nell Dillon-Ermers
Ms. Carole G. Donlin
John and Marianne Fouhey
Martha Hall
Frank and Helen Hermann Foundation
N. Scott Johnson
Alfred and Sally Jones
Min Kim
Judy and Alan Kosloff
Jonathan E. Lehman
Dr. and Mrs. Michael N. Margolies
Robert Menschel and Janet Wallach
Irene R. Miller
Jennifer Myerberg
Dot and Rick Nelson
Samuel I. Newhouse Foundation
Melanie and David Niemiec
Mr. Seth Novatt and Ms. Priscilla Natkins
Mrs. Robert Schuur
The Shubert Foundation
Mark and Glynn Snow Family Foundation
Michael Jacobson and Trine Sorensen
Joe and Becky Stockwell
Virginia B. Toulmin Foundation
Mrs. Andrea W. Walton
Gary L. Wasserman and Charlie A. Kashner
Paul and Judy Weislogel
Jiyang Zhang
Anonymous (3)

Platinum ($5,000-$9,999)

Ronald Abramson
Susan B. Plum and James H. Applegate
Argos Fund of the Community Foundation of New Jersey
Murat Beyazit
Donald R. Crawshaw and Matthew Hoffman
Melvin and Rachel Epstein
Ms. Fiona Fein
David Finckel and Wu Han
Irvine and Elizabeth Flinn
Andrew Freedman and Arlie Sulka
Rosalind and Eugene J. Glaser
Dr. Leonard C. Groopman
Naava and Sanford Grossman
The Hite Foundation
The Jana Foundation
Katherine Sarah Kamen
Mr. and Mrs. Hans Kilian
Ms. M. Leanne Lachman
Fritz Beshar and Peter Lehner
Leon Levy Foundation
Douglas M. Libby
Mr. and Mrs. H. Roemer McPhee, in memory of Catherine G. Curran
Anju Narula
Linda and Stuart Nelson
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Phipps, Jr.
Eva Popper
Tatiana Pouschine
Scully Peretsman Foundation
Dr. Michael C. Singer
Gary So, in honor of Sooyun Kim
Alfred Z. Spector and Rhonda G. Kost
Barbaralee Diamonstein-Spielvogel and Hon. Carl Spielvogel
Ruby Vogelfanger
Jane Wait
Sally Wardwell
Audry Weintrob
Polly Weissman

Gold ($2,500-$4,999)

Elaine and Hirschel Abelson
Dr. David H. Abramson, in memory of Stephanie W. Abramson
American Chai Trust
Caryl Baron
Ann and Steven Berzin
Dr. Beverly Hyman and Dr. Lawrence Birnbach
Dr. and Mrs. John Blankenbaker
Allan and Carol Carlton
Lisa and David Carnoy, in honor of Elinor Hoover
Mr. and Mrs. John D. Coffin
The Aaron Copland Fund for Music
Robert J. Cubitto and Ellen R. Nadler
Suzanne Davidson
Marsha Diamond
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph W. Donner
Helen W. DuBois
Mary and Kenneth Edlow
Nancy Fisher
Dr. and Mrs. Fabius N. Fox
Burton and Sandra Freeman
Diana G. Friedman
Mr. and Mrs. Marc Granetz
Sharon Gurwitz
Conrad and Marsha Harper
Mr. and Mrs. Philip Howard
Bill and Jo Kurth Jagoda, in honor of David Finckel and Wu Han
Peter H. Judd
Al Kamen
Richard and Mary Beth Ketchum
Sylvie Kimche
Frederick G. Knapp
Chloë A. Kramer
Edith Kubicek
Frederick and Ivy Kushner
Richard and Evalyn Lambert
Harriet and William Lembeck
Johnny Lops
Chris and Claire Mann
Dr. Ned and Francoise Marcus
Sheila Avrin McLean and David McLean
Ruchi and Amit Mehta
Robert and Joyce Menschel Foundation
Susan and Frank Merrick
Mr. and Mrs. Leigh Miller
Arnold Moss
Jessica Nagle
Dr. John W. Palmer
Brian and Erin Pastuszenski
Barbara A. Pelson
Arthur and Susan Rebell
Lesli Rice
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Rosen
The Alfred and Jane Ross Foundation
Mary Ellen and James Rudolph
Thomas A. and Georgina T. Russo Family Fund
Drs. Eslee Samberg and Eric Marcus
Sari and Bob Schneider
Mr. David and Dr. Lucinda Schultz
Peter and Sharon Schuur
Michael W. Schwartz
Dr. Sherry Barron-Seabrook and Mr. David Seabrook
Carol and Richard Seltzer
The Susan Stein Shiva Foundation
Esther Simon Charitable Trust
Judith and Morton Sloan
Sarah Solomon
Annaliese Soros
Dr. Barbara Stallings
Dr. Margaret Ewing Stern
Warren and Susan Stern
Andrea and Lubert Stryer
Susan Porter Tall
Leo J. Tick
Larry Wexler and Walter Brown
Robert H. Wilder Jr.
David & Deborah Winston
Gro V. and Jeffrey S. Wood
Cecil and Gilda Wray
Lawrence and Carol Zicklin
Anonymous (6)

Producer ($1,200-$2,499)

Michael and Nancy Aboff
Alan Agle
Harry E. Allan
Barry and Miriam Alperin
Lawrence H. Appel
Eleanor S. Applewhaite
Leon and Joan Ashner
Dr. Anna Balas
Mr. and Mrs. William G. Bardel
Carol and Bert Barnett
William Benedict and Dorothy Sprague
Frances and Benjamin Benenson
Mr. and Mrs. T.G. Berk
Don and Karen Berry
Adele Bildersee
Judith Boies and Robert Christman
Ann and Paul Brandow
Eric Braverman and Neil Brown
Charles and Barbara Burger
Martine and Ralph Calder
The Casaly and Parent Charitable Fund
Joanne Castellani and Michael Andriaccio
Edgar Choueiri and Martina Baillie
Dale C. Christensen, Jr.
Judith G. Churchill
Betty Cohen
Marilyn and Robert Cohen
Joseph Colofiore
Arnold and Harriet Derman, in honor of Sassona Norton and Ron Filler
Herb and Eloise Elish
Frank and Micaela English
Mrs. Barbara M. Erskine
Eurazeo Brands
Margaret and Howard Fluhr
Diane A. Fogg
Mr. Stephen M. Foster
Dorothy and Herbert Fox
Freudenberg Arts Foundation
Andrew S. Furlow
Egon R. Gerard
David Gikow and Sarah Reid
Dorothy F. Glass
Dr. Judith J. Warren and Dr. Harold K. Goldstein
Barry Waldorf and Stanley Gotlin
Anne and Paul Grand
Alberta Grossman, in honor of Lawrence K. Grossman
Thomas Gubanich
Arda and Stephen Haratunian
Margaret B. Harding
Cynthia Lilley and Peter Heinrich
Kathy and Kris Heinzelman
Marian and William Hewitt
Betty Himmel
Leslie Hsu and Richard Lenon
Thomas Frederick Jambois
Gwen Jones
Alexia Jurschak
Janet Yaseen and the Honorable Bruce M. Kaplan, Janet Yaseen Foundation
Diane Katt
Tom and Jill King
Anla and Mark Kingdon
Dr. and Mrs. Eugene S. Krauss
Peter Kroll
Walter F. and Phyllis Loeb Family Fund of the Jewish Communal Fund
Jane and John Loose
Richard and Theresa Lubman
Pamela Manice
Joanna Maravel
James Marlas and Marie Nugent-Head
Karen Wynne McDonie
Michael and Erin McKool
Ina Meibach
Ilse Melamid
Merrill Family Fund
The David Minkin Foundation
Judith and Frederick Mopsik
Drs. Miklos Muller and Jan S. Keithly
Martin and Lucille Murray
Linda and Bill Musser
Mr. Stephen Parahus
Yvonne S. Pollack
Charles B. Ragland
Mr. Roy Raved and Dr. Roberta Leff
Amanda Reed and Frances Wood
Richard J. Reiss Jr.
Mr. David Ritter
Mark and Pat Rochkind
Dede and Michael Rothenberg
Joshua M. Rubins and Jan C. Grossman
Lisa and Jonathan Sack, in memory of Arthur Edelstein
Sagner Family Foundation
Robert Wertheimer and Lynn Schackman
The Schneierson Family Foundation
Delia and Mark Schulte
M. Schwaller
Arlene Shechet
Hannah Shmerler
Harold and Jann Slapin, in memory of Edwin and Helen Finckel
Jill S. Slater
Diane Smook and Robert Peduzzi
Claudia and Michael Spies
Dr. Charles and Judith Lambert Steinberg
Deborah F. Stiles
Alan and Jacqueline Stuart
Mr. David P. Stuhr
Mr. and Mrs. Richard J. Reiss, Jr.
Michael and Judith Thoyer
Herb and Liz Tulchin
Mr. and Mrs. Salvatore Vacca
Patricia Frost and Joe Valenza
Alden Warner and Peter Reed
Annette Weeks
Patricia L. Weinbach
Anita and Byron Wien
Philip Winterer
Jill and Roger Witten
Victor and Dolly Woo
Nancy Wu, in honor of Wu Han
Jaime E. Yordan
William C. Zifchak
Burton and Sue Zwick
Anonymous (6)

Advocate ($500-$1,199)

Ronnie and Lawrence D. Ackman
John and Mary Jo Amatruda
Ms. Rose Anderson
Ms. Sari Anthony
Edith Bjork
Mr. Alfred Blomquist, Jr. and Ms. Elisabeth Mannschott
Dr. Thomas Bock and Mrs. Shelley Bock
Ms. B.N. Bomze and Carol Bloom, in memory of Herman Bomze
Robert T. Bond
Rita Brody
Mr. Nicholas Butterworth
Michael Cassidy
Ursula Cernuschi
Jean-Baptiste Champon
Harold and Maida Cherry
Stan Chiu, in honor of Linda Daines
Michael Comins, in memory of Dr. Barbara Comins
Stan and Kim Corfman
Dennis Cross
Patrick Cussimano
Robert E. Diefenbach
Beverly Dolinsky
Mr. Ronald Feiman & Dr. Hilary Ronner
Linda and Geoffrey Field
Judith Fisher
Bill and Lesleigh Forsyth
William H. Foulk Jr.
Borivoj Franko-Filipasic
Mr. and Mrs. Jeffrey Friedman
Sanford Friedman
Lois Gaeta, in memory of David Baker
Dr. and Mrs. Lloyd B. Gayle
Rosa and Robert Gellert
Stephane and Alison Block Gerson Charitable Fund
Robert M. Ginsberg Family Foundation
Ms. Elisabeth Gitter
Mr. Alberto Goldbarg
Harriet Goldberg
Mr. Paul Graf
Nina G. Graves and Robert L. Graves, in memory of Mary Brannon
William and Jane Greenlaw
Stewart Gross
Yuwei He, in honor of Dr. Richard Nelson
Patricia Hewitt
Ms. Catherine Hirsch, in honor of Kathe Williamson
Craig and Vicki Holleman
Stephen and Belinda Kaye
Gerald Keefe
William Kistler
Pete Klosterman
Laurence E. Klurfeld
Patricia Anne Kuhn
Joan M. Leiman, in memory of Shirley Young
Carol and Charles Leiwant
Cheryl A. Lewis
Jay and Marilyn Lubell
Dayna and Peter Lucas
Thomas Mahoney and Emily Chien
Corinne Maloney
Anders and Carlene Maxwell
Timothy McClimon and Suzanne Berman
Richard McCracken
Karen McLaughlin
Lewis Miller
Miranker Charitable Fund
Dr. and Mrs. Richard R. Nelson
Lynn and Harry O'Mealia, in honor of Sassona Norton and Ron Filler
Joseph Owens
Gail and Charles Persky
Michele and Steve Pesner
Jean Phifer
Judith J. Plows
Charles and Jessie Price
Jane Pyenson
Susan Rauch
Mr. Wayne J. Riniker
Jamie Saakvitne and Daniel Chow
Fred Salusbury and Theodora Vardis, in honor of Elinor Hoover
Joan G. Sarnoff
Edwin Schur and Joan Brodsky Schur
Monique and Robert Schweich
Cynthia Read and Richard Secare
Mr. and Mrs. George E. Shea
Dr. M. Lana Sheer, in memory of Dr. J. Peter Jesson
Sharon and Lew Sibert
Jo Ann Silverstein
Anthony R. Sokolowski
Marie-Louise Stegall
Sung Sun
Sherman Taishoff
Ms. Jane V. Talcott
Ashley and James Toth, in honor of Carol Toth
Joanne C. Tremulis
Mina Joy Tulchinsky
Osmo Vanska and Erin Keefe
Raymond and Priscilla Vickers
Kenneth Vittor and Judith Aisen
Audrey and Michael von Poelnitz, in honor of Sassona Norton and Ron Filler
Marian Vulpe
Steven Wein and Nela Wagman
Robert Weinman
Laurence Weller
Harriet S. Wetstone
Noam Wiener
Mr. Richard Wortman
David Yang
Anonymous (7)

Associate ($250-$499)

Donald Aibel
Arlene and Alan Alda
Eugenia Ames
Susan Amron
William and Kimberly Arndt
Henry and Diana Asher
Sheila Averback & Katherine Keenan
Stephanie Banks
Ann B. and Mal Barasch
Lindy Barocchi
Judith and Theodore Beilman
Anthony Belinkoff
Burton Benjamin
Mitchell Berg
Kathy and Andrew Berkman
Elaine Bernstein
Janet F. Bernstein
Barbara Weinstein and Louis Bernstein, in honor of Beth and Jeffrey Cohen
Maurice S. and Linda G. Binkow
Stephen Blum
Mr. and Mrs. Theodore C. Brannon, Jr.
Jean S. Brenner
John and Eleanor Brucken
Michael Bulman and Ronnie Janoff-Bulman
Mr. and Mrs. John Bush
Diane and Perry Caminis
Joseph Cimmet
Mr. and Mrs. David M. Cohen
Lisa Cohen
Terence and Beth Collins
Hilary Coman and Mike Cushinsky
Anne Corcos
Lauren Cowles
Meg Dahlgren
David R. Denby
Nathan Dickmeyer
Annette I. Dorsky
Pamela Drexel
Martha and David Dunkelman
Douglas Dworkin
Carlotta Eisen
Dorothy and Allan Erickson
Robert S. Feldman
Barbara E. Field and Seth Dubin, in memory of Sampson R. Field
Albert and Harriet Fishlow
Robert Flanagan and Susan Mendelsohn
Florence Fogelin
Mr. Charles A. Forma
The Ellen and David Freeman/Gogolick Donor Advised Fund of the Jewish Federation of Cleveland
Naomi Freistadt
James Gabbe
Mark and Doreen Gamell
Celia Gately
Philip Genty
Jason R. Gettinger
Ronald Goodman
Dr. Barry Goozner
Drs. Lauren and Jack Gorman
Dr. Edward J. Grabowski
Nancy E. Keegan and Harry Gross
Joann Habermann
Daniel and Frances Hamermesh
Bonnie Hampton
Jo Ann Hauck and Richard de Furia
Janet and Joseph Heiserman
Peter S. Heller
David Helman
Anne and John Herrmann
Joseph Hertzberg
Marjorie Hirschberg
Madelyn Hochstein
Joan Holmes
Ms. Lynn Hopkins
Nancy Hoppin
Charles Huntley
Mark M. and Cathy Kaufman Iger
Dennis and Kay Irvin Walo, in memory of Mary Brannon
Ms. Diane Jacobs
Gary Jacobson
Sharon Josepho
Maureen Kane
Lawrence Kaplan
Phyllis and Peter Klein
Richard M. and Ronnie B. Klein
Marcia and Robert Klein
Doris La Mar
Dr. Elizabeth P. Kirk and Alfred D. Land
Harris I. Lehrer
Fred and Lynn Levine
Marny Lichtenstein
Nicholas Lobenthal
Andrew Love
Ms. Nancy Lupton
Cordelia Manning
Tom Maresca and Diane Darrow
Sasha and Thais Mark, in honor of my parents
Julia Marshella
David Matz
Clint McCrory
Drs. John & Ivon McGowan
Solomon Mikowsky
Elaine and Jim Miller
Mel and Liz Miller
Jordan and Shannon Mindich
Deborah Mintz
Dorothy Anne Molla
Jane and Saleem Muqaddam
Pamela and Paul Ness
Julia Nicolas
Ms. Marilyn Nissenson
Lois and Robert Nordling
Ms. Marta Nottebohm
Daniel and Rebecca Okrent Catharine W. O'Rourke
Jeanne Pape
Michael Peng
Diana Phillips
Wendy and Rich Pia
Anthony Quintavalla
Barbara Radin
Marc Rauch
Saul D. Raw
Dana Reimer
Mary R. Reinertsen
Jonathan E. Richman
Elaine Ritchie
Noyes Rogers
Roberto Romero
Sydell Roth
Mr. Martin G. Ruckel
Lynne Sagalyn and Gary Hack
Dr. Philip E. Sarachik and Dr. Myriam P. Sarachik
Ed Scarcelle & Dante Reyes
Jane and Rick Schindler
Patricia Schoenfeld
David and Carlotta Schuster
Dr. Anna Schwartz
Marilyn G. and Joseph B. Schwartz
Gloria and Gerald Scorse
Patricia Kopec Selman and Jay E. Selman, MD
Michael Shattner
Roberta Shinaberry
Edward and Marlene Shufro
Diana and John Sidtis
Judith Siegel
Janet and Larry Sims
Beverly Solochek
Judith and Otto Sonntag
Dr. and Mrs. Jerome P. Spivack
Anne L. Taylor, MD
Carolyn and William Thornton
Edward P. Todd
Beverly Benz Treuille and Philip Treuille
Elliot and Ella Urdang
George and Lynn Vos
Kurtis Waldeck, in memory of Alex Weintrob
Marian M. Warden
Albert Watson
Harvey and Thirell Weiss
Jim WhiteWilliam Wilk
Catherine Yarensky
Judith Zaborowski
Zena Zumeta, in memory of Alex Weintrob
Anonymous (17)

Friend ($100-$249)

Dr. Graciela Abelin
Rochelle Abkowitz
Janice Abrams
Morton and Natalie Abramson
Sandra Abramson
Mark Adams
Sonia Alland
David and Melanie Alpers
Christine Alvey
Jerome R. Andersen
Judy Preves Anderson, in honor of Elizabeth Wright
Kathleen Anderson
Keith Anderson
Arleene Antin and Leonard Ozerkis
Karen and Greg Arenson
Gary and Barbara Asaka
Nancy Merritt Asthalter
Rita Auerbach
Dan Ayers and Tony Seguino
Arlene Baily, in honor of Denise Kahn
Bridget Baird
Jay Bakaler
Steven E. Barber
David Bartley
Mr. Samuel E. Bass
Ronald Bayer
Yvette Bendahan
Kitty Benton
Rick Berardo, in memory of Mary Brannon
Mr. Pinchas Berger
Sheila and Michael Berke
Ellie and Bob Berlin
Rochelle Berner and Harvey Hoffman
Kathi and Robert Berson
Kathy Betz
Flora M. Biddle
Alice Billings
Laura E. Bird, in memory of Robert C. Bird
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bleiberg
Karl and Ruth Bottigheimer
Kevin Bourke
Michelle A. Bracco
Jim and Beth Branigan
Laura Brash
Helene Brenner, in honor of Burton Pines
Peter R. Brest
Renate Bridenthal
Cassandra Brody, in memory of Mary Brannon
Natalie Brody
Anne Brooks
Deborah Brown
Laird Brown
Mr. Henry Brownstein
Marda Buchholz
Ms. Eileen Buckler
Miriam and Howard Budin
Arlene Bueno de Mesquita
Mary Jane Burns
Alan Burstin and Vincent DePasquale
Mr. Ralph A. Cann III
Stephanie Caplan and Alexander Thorp
Dr. James Carder
Cynthia and Steven Carlson
Ronald Cathcart
Mr. William Cavanagh
Marc and Evelyn Cherno
Ms. Blanche Lark Christerson
Dorothy Chuang
Alfred Clark
Marsha Clark
Norman and Miriam Clerman
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Cobb
Donn I. Cohen
Reva M. Cohen
Ron Cohen
Robert Connell
Jeri & Michael Cooper
Stephen and Karen Corrigan
Nancy Crampton
Christina Crosby
Mr. Lloyd R. Currier
Paula Daigneault
Cindy and Harold Daitch
Lawrence Davidson
Willem de Bruijn
Maria Lucy De Seixas Correa
Matthew DeJongh
Miriam DeJongh
Stephen Delroy Charitable Fund
Harold J. and Ellen Diamond
Phyllis Dibianco
Mr. Donald Dillport
Charles D. Dische
Caryn Doktor
Carolyn Duggan
Dick Dulany and Linda Rubey
Jeffrey J. Dumars
Saralynn Dyme
Joanne and Douglas Eaton
MaryAnn Eddy
Robert and Ida Lee Elliott
Jay Ells
Gary and Donna Engel
Harriet Englander
Karen Englander
Frances Engoron
Paul Epstein and Suzanne Fass
William Evans
Kristin Ewald
Michael F. Fagan
The Gladstone Family, in honor of Bill Selden
Marcia Fair and Joyce Guide
June Fait
Ellen and Richard Farren
Dr. Charles Feuer
Nancy Fiene
Joseph Fins
Carol Fippin
Jean and Raymond Firestone
John Fishman
Andrew Fitch
Robin Fitelson
Dan Flanigan
Geoffrey A. Flick
Susan Fox and Robert Dichter
Susan Fraidin
Suzanne and Jonathan Franks
Judith and Ian Freeman
Darrell and Felice Friedman
Michael Friedmann
Pearl Frisch
Gay and Alvin Gamage
Mendelsohn Gantzhorn
Arlene Gardner
Jennifer Bell Gardy
Anita Garoppolo
Sean Gaskie & Lin Max
Edward Geffner and Suzanne Spinrad
Pamela Geiger
Susan and David Gerstein
Patricia and Ahmet Goksel
Lynn C. Goldberg
Alice and Stuart Goldman
Laurie Goldman and Steve Barber
Arianne Golub
Carl and Jennifer Goodman, in memory of Herbert S. Schlosser
Cora Gordon
Suzanne Gordon, in memory of Ben Gordon
Ms. Emily Granrud
Myra and John Graubard
Sydell and Jeffrey Green
Mr. and Ms. Daniel Greenberger
Abner S. Greene
Sherman Greene
Bruce M. Greenwald, in honor of Priscilla Kauff
Jae Greer
Christopher Grisanti
Gabriel Groner
Dr. Hans W. Grunwald
Philippe Guilbert
Jean and Bob Guritz
Susan Gurney
Gary Haber
Susan Hahm
Richard Hahn
Victoria and Michael Haines
Lynn Hallarman
Mr. Russel T. Hamilton
Joseph Robert Hanc
Pearl Hanig
Michael Hannan
Marie F. Harper
Dorothy and Stephen Harran
Dr. and Mrs. Laurence Harris
Timothy and Sharon R. Harris
Randy Haviland and Joan Poole
Julie C. Hayes
Judith Heimer
Stephen V. Heller
Texas Hemmaplardh
Fran Henig, in memory of Edward B. Henig
Shirley Herron
Ms. Emita B. Hill
Lucia Hill
William A. Hill
Natalie & Paul Hilzen
Andrew Hinek
Daniel Hobbs
S. E. Hochberg
Ross H. Hoff
Bernard Hoffer
Ms. Eileen Hoffman
Penny Hopkins
W. Jean Horkans
Mr. Jerry Howett
Anthony Hume
Anne Humphreys
Deanna and Richard Iltis
Perri Beth Irvings, in honor of Suzanne Davidson
Susan Israel and Alan Herschenfeld
Elaine Jackson
Patricia B. Jacobs
Robert Jacobs
Gale and Jim Jacobsohn
Peter and Susan Jacobson
Hilda Jaffe
Helen Jessup
Dr. and Mrs. Roberto Jodorkovsky
Wendy Johnston
Ms. Sandra Jones
Robert and Selma Josell
Mark Joy
Wayne Kabak and Marsha Berkowit
David John Kalke
Steven Kane and Carey Meyers
Mr. Spencer L. Karpf
Ira and Isabelle Kass
Ms. Audrey S. Katz
Shizuko Kato, in memory of Mary Ann Zimmermann McKinney
James and Bonnie Kaufman
Jennie Kaufman
Aubyn Keefe, in memory of Robert Chin
Whitney and Fred Keen
Robert Kehlmann
Julie Keller, in memory of Autumn Pevzner
Theodore Kemper
Jules and Susan Kerman, in memory of Jenny Alyssa Kerman
William C. Kerr
Nancy L. Kidder
Sandra Kincaid
Andrew W. King
Charles H. King
Susan Kinloch
Stephen Kirzinger
Judith and Larry Klein
Richard and Joan Klein
Linda Kleinhenz
Kenneth Koen, in memory of Helen Marcus
Mrs. Nancy Koenigsberg
Ellen Kolegar
Mr. Richard C. Komson
Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Korahais
Leslie and Odile Kory
Beatrice Kovasznay
Rosemary Kropf
Burton R. Krull
Ellen Kulka
Carol Kuller
Nicholas Kyle
Art Lafex
Evelyn Lance
Carol and Alfred Landess
Dr. Ellen Joan Landsberger
Susan Lauscher
Edward Leahy
Rachel and Benjamin Lebwohl, in memory of Dr. Mario Verna
Marion Lederer
Fred Ledley
Rebecca A. Lee
Dr. and Mrs. Sung I. Lee
Jo Leffingwell and Mott Greene
Ann Lekven
Frank Lenti
J. Mia Leo and Richard Kuczkowski
Eliane Strosberg Leuwenkrroon
Sue-Ellen Levavy
Ms. Joslyn Levy and Mr. David Spector
Richard Levy
Konnie Lewin
Patricia and Roy Licklider
Nancy Light
Margaret Lim
Asher Lipman
Mr. Stanley E. Loeb
Selma Lotenberg
Ellen J. Love
Dr. Eugene L. Lowenkopf
John and Marcia Lowenstein
Peter and Elaine Lucas
Robin A. Ludwig
Mr. Bruce Lueck
John Lung
Phyllis Lusskin
Dr. and Mrs. Robert J. Lynam
Patricia MacKay and Ralph Pine, in memory of Alex Weintrob
Ms. Jayne Maerker
Edward Mafoud
Miriam Malach
Jain Malkin
Naomi Haugen and Peter Mansfield
Douglas Mao and Chip Wass
William Marane
Maeva Marcus
Robert Marcus
Susan Marcus
Peter Margulies
Ruth and Lenny Markovitz
Emily Marks
Alice Marques
Deborah Mason
Elizabeth T. Massey
Doris Master
Margaret Mastrianni
Peter Mataset
John and Mary McAuliffe
Donald McCall
Joseph and Pamela McCarthy
Laurel McKee
Harriet McMaster
Susan G. Meeker
Peter Mendell
Dr. Naomi Mendelsohn
Mary Mendenhall
John Hays Mershon
Roberta Miksad
Helaine Miller, in memory of Helen Marcus
Katharine Miller
Carolyn V. Minter
Susan Mitchell
Judith Moldover
Jonathan Mondschein
Drogo Montague
Marlene Morrison
Jeffrey and Hanna Moskin
Richard and Stefania Moyers
Laura and James Myers
Kenneth Nassau and Ms. Lee A. Hebner
Maury Newburger
Kenneth Nichols
Michael Nieland
Liliane Offredo
Kathleen & Michael Oldfather
Kim Oliver
David C. Olstein
Stephen and Joanne Oppenheim
Linda Owen
Alex Pagel
Patricia B. Park
Lois and Joe Parks
Rabbi Norman and Dr. Naomi Patz
Clifford Pearlman
Ms. Ilka Peck, in honor of Dr. Anne Brooks
Bobbie Pepper
Jean Pilcher
Debra Pincus
Henry C. Pinkham
John J. Pocreva III
Dr. and Mrs. Ronald Podell
Mr. Armand Pohan
Gerald Pollack
Frank and Judith Pollard
Ms. Jane Polley
Roberta Poupon, in memory of Louis Poupon
Kathy Preisinger
Deborah Price
Barbara Priest & Victor Savitskiy
Susan Qualtrough
Donald O. Quest
George Quillan
Tracy Quinn
Daniel Raabe
Beth Rabinove
Paul and Anna Maria Radvany
Dr. and Mrs. Kanti Rai
Claudette Rainier
Carol Rawlings
Norma Reich
Roz and Gerald Reisner
Ms. Carol Reiss
Greg Reynolds
Joan Richards
Lisa Richardson
Florence and Martin Richman
Judith L. Richter
Michael Rinehart and Shirley Ariker
Stephen and Barbara Ritchie
Ellen Robbins
Martha Rochelle
Albert and Roberta Romano
Verdery A. Roosevelt
Arthur Rose
Gil and Anne Rose Family Fund
Kenneth Rosenbaum Gift Fund
Lawrence Rosenblum
Myrna Tanchoco Rossen & Robert Rossen
Harvey and Barbara Rothenberg
Ernest Rubenstein and Tovah Usdan
Barbara Ruddy
Sharon Lee Ryder
Nancy Nager and Mark Sadoff
Alice R. and Frank E. Sadowski, Jr.
Mr. Alan E. Salz
Gayle Sanders
Sheldon Sanov
Richard Sard
Asani Sarkar
Marc and Susan Sawyer
Bruce Schackman
Robert and Constance Scharf
Charles E. Scheidt
G. Schiavoni
Michael Schick
Christine A. Schilling
Beverly Schlesinger
Madrean Schober
Mr. and Mrs. David Schraa
Lorie J. Schulstad-Werk
Cynthia Schwab
Mr. Béla R. Schwartz and Ms. June Zimmerman
Jeffrey Schwartz
Judith Abby Schwartz
Alan Schwartzman and Jenny Shallenberger
Mr. and Mrs. Anthony Scotto
Douglas and Stephanie Sears
Carol and Nick Seeds
Ms. Sara Seiden
Judith P. Serafini-Sauli
Frank Sergi
Helga L. Shareshian
Hilda Shelupsky
Patricia Sheridan
Scott Shimizu, in memory of Mary Brannon
Patrick Shrout and Jane Hanson
John Shroyer
Ms. Anna Shuster
Linda and David Sicher
Lynne F. Siegel
Sondra Siegel
Mrs. Barbara Antell Silber
Amy Silva
Deborah Silverman, in memory of Helen Marcus
Vicki Simons
Joe Simpson
Margaret Skaggs and Robert Salerno
Barbara M. Smith
James H. Smith, in memory of Helen Marcus
Jule Marie Smith
Marcia H. Snowden
Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Sobel
Judith Soffer and Eugene Lewis
Renzo Spanhoff
Dr. Margaret Spier
James Squires
Mr. David M. Starr
Rose Z. Starr, in honor of Susan Gulkis Assadi
Sharon G. Stearns
Dr. and Mrs. Peter Steinglass
Mr. and Mrs. Irwin Stelzer
Susan Stempleski
Whitney Stewart
Donna Stone
Margaret Stookesberry
James and Phyllis Stothers
Jean Strouse
Natasha Stowe
Alan Sukoenig
Daniel Susmano
Gloria Sussman
Nancy and Ira Sussman
Grace Suttle
Andrea Tangredi
Anne Tanner
Paul Teitelbaum
Eleanor Tewlow
Bernard and Margaret Theobald
Meg Thickman & Lisa McIntyre, in memory of Helen Marcus
Joseph and Pauline Thome
Hazuki Tochihara
Camilla Trinchieri, in memory of Judy Moskowitz
ShenSheng Tseng
Bruce and Nina Turkington
Nathan Turoff
Debi Unger, in memory of Irwin Unger
Peter van Oort Keers
Chuck Vassallo and Gifford Booth
Altina and Robert Vergata, in honor of Brendan Kane
Craig and Junior Vickers
Anthony Viola
Barbara Wang
Ji Wang and Na Wei
Floyd A. Warren
John Watkins
Gail G. Watson
Nahum and Maron Waxman
Judith Weber
Alice Weinstein
Leslie Weisman
Mary Weisser, in honor of Beth Helgeson
Ms. Donna Welensky
Phil Wennhold
Betsy Werley and Robert Plows
Jerry Wetherall
Janet and Peter White
Nancy Wight
Constance Wiley
Jane Williams
Robert Wimpelberg
Patricia L. Winks
Eleanor Winslow
John and Victoria Wion
Steven Wisotsky
Sandra Wolf
David I. Wollner
Carol A. Wood
Doris Woodward
Joseph Woolfson
Malcolm & Marjorie Wright
Ming Xiao
Richard W. York
Bruce Young
Jim Zervas
Lanzhen Zhou
Anonymous (52)

Young Patrons ($500-$2,500)

Jordan C. Agee
Mohammed Shaik Hussain Ali
Mark Bauer
William Bolton
Andrew Blackley
David F. Caracta
Louis Chiappetta
Eric Fischer
Jamie Brooke Forseth
Jason Robert Jacobeit
Suleyman Kahyaoglu
Emily Lambert and Joe Robins
Brian P. Lei
Liana and Joseph Lim
Shoshana Litt
Lucy Lu and Mark Franks
Elena Luca
Zack and Katy Maggio
Katie and Chris Nojima
Andrew Poffel
Eren Erdemgil Sahin and Erdem Sahin
Kenny Tan
Jonathan Wang
Mr. Nick Williams and Ms. Maria Doerfler
Eric Wong, in honor of Sooyin Kim
Rebecca Wui and Raymond Ko
Anonymous (2)