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Discovery & Culture in the Classical Land

April 9 – 18, 2018 • For more information call 212-875-5782

Concerts performed by CMS Artists led by David Finckel and Wu Han

The Chamber Music Society of Lincoln Center is pleased to offer this travel-music program to Greece, the land that gave birth to the Western artistic and intellectual tradition. Operating next spring, perhaps the most glorious time of the year to travel to this ancient land, we will begin in Athens, and continue to Pelion, a tree-covered mountainous peninsula that faces the sea on both sides, and one of the most beguiling and unspoiled parts of Greece. Scattered around the sides of the mountain are old villages that have preserved their unique character and architecture through the centuries. It is remarkable that Pelion remains “undiscovered” to this day.

We will enjoy concerts performed by CMS artists, led by David Finckel and Wu Han, at places of historical importance, explore the bucolic villages, visit ancient landmark sites, interact with the village folk and sample the local cuisine.

Appropriately, our journey of exploration and musical enjoyment will end with a visit to Delphi, the sacred precinct of Apollo, the god of music, poetry, light and healing, among others.

This is a unique and unusual travel opportunity: spectacular Greece, CMS musicians, and much-admired Professor of Classics, John Hale as our guest lecturer. We invite you to join us.

Click here for itinerary or call: 212-875-5782