Travel with CMS

Spring 2019

April 5 – 13, 2019

 CMS Travel Spain

Travel with CMS Artists to Seville and Granada

Concerts performed by Wu Han, Hyeyeon Park, piano; Francisco Fullana, violin;

Inbal Segev, cello • Few spaces remain available

For more information, contact Sharon Griffin at 212-875-5162,

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Andalucía Interlude

Music, Historic Cities, Palaces & Gardens

Stretching from the peaks of the Sierra Morena to the Mediterranean and Atlantic coasts, Andalucía is viewed by many as Spain’s most varied, fascinating and interesting region. Commanding the routes between Europe and Africa and the worlds of the Mediterranean and the Atlantic, Andalucía’s strategic position and rich resources attracted settlers, colonizers, invaders and traders since the earliest times. The most momentous invasion was undoubtedly that of the Moors, at the beginning of the 8th century, when they crossed over from North Africa. Within a few years, they controlled most of the Iberian Peninsula, and for about 500 years, Al Andalus, as their conquered territory was called, thrived as a center of commerce, the arts and architecture, scholarship and science. Its wealth and sophistication was unparalleled in Western Europe. Christians, Jews and Arabs coexisted in relative harmony and all made contributions to the brilliant culture of the period.

Seville, Cordoba and Granada were the great cities and intellectual and artistic centers of Al Andalus, as they are in today’s Andalucía. This special trip, designed specifically for CMS, will focus on the three cities and explore their incredible architectural and art treasures, rated among the most beautiful in the world. Andalucía, the birthplace of flamenco, has been an inspiration to poets, musicians and composers for years. About 30 music pieces, operas and symphonies have been written in, or relating to Seville alone. Therefore, it is natural that in addition to our explorations, we will attend concerts performed by our accompanying CMS artists at places of singular beauty, such as a private palace.

Spring is the ideal time to visit Andalucía. The air in the cities is intoxicating with the scent of orange blossoms, jasmine and other aromatic plants, while the countryside is adorned with wild flowers.

Please join us on the Andalucía Interlude for a memorable travel and musical experience.